We have used Denton Retailer Systems now for the past 11 years in our 3 stores, warehouse and offices.

Denton has enabled us to transform and modernise our furniture retail business bringing efficiencies and stream-lining, as well as substantial cost savings in the process.

Any new system or big change to a business brings fear and resistance but Barry gave us great training, support and help before and during the transition process.

The pay-off to our business was transformational and we could not have grown as we did without Denton.

Improvements and updates are regularly made to Denton as each new customer tweaks and improves the system to suit their needs.

We take for granted the great supplier ordering system and customer order system but my favourite feature with Denton is the excellent sales reports and analysis I can extract which enables us to focus on our sales, products and sales people.

The support is excellent and Barry is always only a phone call away if ever I have a question, day or night.

I strongly recommend Denton because it has given this independent retailer great quality systems, somewhat levelling the playing field with the big national companies at an affordable cost.

Phil Kershaw - Furniture Outlet Village


In 1998 we became the second users of Denton and benefited from the challenges and consequent improvements s of a developing system.  The time efficiencies it creates through speed of access to information makes it invaluable to our organisation.  This software is skilfully supported and we therefore have complete confidence in recommending it to others.

Jon Quilter – Quilters Ltd